University of Waterloo

– Co-operative program
– September 2012- December 2016
– GPA: 3.7


– Dean’s Honours List – December 2016
– Dean of Arts Outstanding Work report: Awarded one of two awards for the best work report in the Faculty of Arts for excellence in written communication.
– Merit Scholarship: Awarded a scholarship for academic achievement.

Political Science

As a political science student I specialize both in research and communication. I am able to effectively find and synthesize the most relevant information available. I then use this information to make evidence-based recommendations. I developed these skills through researching papers and work term reports. For example, I completed jurisdictional scans on other provinces and countries in order to better understand subjects for my papers and reports. This is especially important when researching and drafting broad, complex public policy. My academic studies have also taught me how to summarize and convey important material in concise and accurate briefing notes and memos. For example, I wrote briefing notes meant for a Minister summarizing Auditor General reports.

Business Courses and Project Management

During my undergrad I was able to supplement my political science degree with business and project management courses. This prepared me for a career in policy analysis and development because I understand how to prioritize tasks in order to meet project timelines and budgets. My courses in project management have provided a better understanding of business-planning skills such as stakeholder engagement and program evaluation.

  • Political Science
  • Business

Comparative Political Economy: This course focused on wealth distribution across democracies. This class has been my favourite course throughout my studies because it expanded my perspective outside of North America. Specifically, I am intrigued by the political systems in countries such as Sweden, Finland and Norway. In this class, I learned how to analyze and compile data. My term paper studying data from three different political systems can be found here

Public Policy: This course focused on the policy making process, including actors and institutions as well as the policy cycle. In class discussions, I was able to relate readings on the bureaucracy to my co-op experience in the public sector.

Public Administration: This course focused on the structure and functions of Canada’s political systems at all three levels of government. Emphasis was also placed on identifying and analyzing contemporary challenges facing the public sector. In this course I learned how to write a briefing note for a Minister; my sample briefing note can be found here

Canadian Politics in Practice: This seminar course explored different tactics used in political campaigns and political marketing such as branding and negative advertising. It also looked at the changing role of political staff and consultants, and the implications of these trends.

International Political Economy: This course outlined major issues in IPE. I studied the history and rationalization behind market liberalization and the effect of these events on international trade, international monetary relations, and global finance.

Political Communication: This course at Wilfred Laurier critically examined the relationship between democratic political systems and the mass media.

World Politics: Introductory course on international relations. Focused on real world application of studies, including developing negotiating skills, understanding the use of soft power, and drafting policy memos. My term paper on Economic Development in the Arctic can be found here.