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A Little About Me

When is the last time you wished you could have explained something more effectively or made a more convincing argument? As a political science student, I specialize in communication, research and analytical thinking. I am able to effectively gather, interpret and summarize information a concise and accurate manner.

“Those who stand for nothing fall for anything” -Alexander Hamilton

My name is Clare Buckley, and I am a recent graduate from the University of Waterloo. I am a recovering Toronto sports fan, and I love talking hockey or baseball. Normally, you can find me at the hockey rink either on the ice or behind the bench.

“Success is nothing if you have no one left to share it with” -Ed Sheeran, ‘The Man’

Developing strong relationships is important to me, and I have a great network of family and friends who support my ambitions. Luckily, they understand that I enjoy discussing social issues, and they humor me by indulging in friendly debates.

I chose political science because it opened up my world. It challenged my predispositions and ideas, and I started thinking globally instead of locally. My studies encouraged reflection on the world around me, and to examine my place in it. Now that I have finished my undergraduate degree, I am hoping to continue my education at law school.

Besides law school, my other ambitions include learning to speak a second language, obtaining my coaching certification and traveling to Iceland.